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Put your hand on his/her arm when talking, say things like, "you're so cute! Source: Shutter Stock Test out the waters by making a "joke" about you two dating.Say something like, "My mom said we'd make a cute couple. " This is an easy way to judge their reaction to a statement like that - if things go badly, you can always be like, "Just kidding, ha ha!Check out these tips on how to date your best friend with little to no awkwardness: Before you do anything, seriously think about how you think your BFF might feel about you.Do you get the sense that he/she flirts with you sometimes?Source: Shutter Stock Some things are probably going to change between you guys.For example, you can't really keep telling your BFF about that hot guy in your class if you guys are dating, you know?

Romantics might say ‘love sees no boundaries’ but often times in reality there are, especially in cases of dating a best friend’s ex. This kind of crush isn’t the same as every other crush you’ve ever had – no, this is different. I’m sure most of you guys know how complicated it is to have a huge crush on your BFF.Try to keep yourself from feeling super jealous about the things you know. Source: Shutter Stock Do you have a crush on your best friend? Have you ever dated or hooked up with your best friend?

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