Hooking up vs dating in college

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The problem is that we, as a generation, have become so reliant on “hooking up” that we rarely make a more intimate and emotional connection with one another. It's the lack of actual courtship — giving out your phone number, making plans, dinner and a movie, meeting the parents, etc. Young, single ladies nowadays are often wrongfully stereotyped as being “too emotional,” “crazy” or “desperate” for wanting to strike a deeper connection.

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All things being equal, 95 percent of female students said they would choose dating over hooking up, and 77.5 percent of men said the same. Arnie Kahn, one of three co-authors of the study, which grew out of undergraduate student Carolyn Bradshaw's thesis, says it comes down to something called "pluralistic ignorance." Essentially: Everybody's doing it, so it must be good.In “The Notebook,” Noah wrote Allie 365 love letters, one for every single day they were apart…I'm just trying to get a guy to answer my text messages.One of Kahn's previous studies on the topic found that both men and women overestimated the degree to which the opposite gender enjoyed hooking up -- described in this study as "a sexual encounter, usually lasting only one night, between people who are strangers or brief acquaintances." Furthermore, students overestimated how much members of their own gender liked hooking up."Because everybody else is hooking up you assume that they do it because they like it.

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